What is So Special about Mongolian Barbecue?

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A Mongolian barbecue usually comprises raw seafood, thinly sliced meats, selected vegetables and enjoyed with rice.
Mongolian barbecue is normally prepared on a flat metal surface.
To make the best Mongolian barbecue slice meat across the grain in 2-3 inch strips.
Arrange meat and vegetable separately on platters.
Prepare the sauce.
Simmer soy sauce and garlic for few minutes in a saucepan.
Strain and cool it.
Add wine, sugar, ginger root, 2 cups of scallions or leeks, 2 cups of Chinese parsley.
Refresh the sauce with some more scallions or leeks and parsley.
Assemble the barbecue and place the cooking appliance in the center table.
Heat and grease the cooking surface.
Scrape off the charred food bits and re-oil the cooking surface and resume cooking.
Guests can put vegetables and meat on plates and place small portions on the cooking surface and spoon some of the sauce over the grilling food.
Flip the food after one minute on the grill with chopsticks.
Cook to the guest's desired doneness.
The favorite Mongolian Barbecues Roasted lamb is the traditional Mongolian delicacy prepared in the honor of special guests.
The local food of Mongolia is a blend of Mongolian and Chinese tastes.
There is the influence of Muslim food and wide use of lamb in their dishes.
Inner Mongolia raises a lot of cattle and their diet has a lot of dairy products.
Roasted lamb and cooked mutton are the signature dishes of Mongolian cuisine at celebrations like weddings and birthdays.
It is customary for Mongolians to cut off a piece of meat from fatty tail of animal to first taste and let festivities begin.
Another special feature of Mongolians is that they drink sour goat milk and not fresh cow milk.
Grilling the best Mongolian Barbecue The Mongolian grilled lamb lettuce recipe may be of interest to you.
You can start by placing all lamb ingredients in a flameproof dish to boil and simmer.
Cover and cook for 2 hours.
Pre-heat the grill to high heat.
Grill the lamb until the skin is crispy.
Warm the remaining sauce for 10-15 minutes and make it thick.
Let the cooked lamb cool in air for 15 minutes.
Remove bone and shred it and arrange on a serving plate.
To serve take some spicy hot sauce, some cucumber, spring onions and lamb and roll up into a parcel.
The Mongolian national meals are Buuz, Khuushuur and Bansh, made with minced meat.
The meat can be of anything from mutton, to beef, to camel, to horse or gazelle, seasoned with garlic or onion, covered with flour and steamed in boiling water, fried in oil and boiled in water.
They consume large quantities of meat.
This is to stave off the cold and long winters.
Mongolians are basically nomadic herders and so dependence on animal product is natural.
They rely less on seasonable foods like vegetables and fruits.
Meat and dairy products, when sour in summer, is believed to clean the stomach.
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