Music Review: Vanguard Visionaries Siegel-Schwall

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This article reviews the recently released Siegel-Schwall CD collection of songs from Vanguard Records.
Four of these songs first appeared on the 1966 long-playing stereo album - the first public release by Schwiegel Company.
The remaining seven songs came from albums produced between 1968 and 1973.
Unfortunately, there were no songs from the 1967 Say Siegel-Schwall LP album, the best stereo release ever developed by Siegel-Schwall, in my humble opinion.
From the blues group's first album, entitled The Siegel-Schwall Band, the following songs appear on this CD compilation: Going To New York, 3:28, written by Jimmy Reed; Boot Hill, 2:57, written by Jimmy Witherspoon; I Have Had All I Can Take, 3:16 written by Mark "Corky" Siegel; and So Glad You're Mine, 6:23, written by Arthur Crudup.
Other offerings include the group's later songs including Easy Rider 4:03, Shake For Me 4:50, Tell Me 3:50, I Don't Want You To Be My Girl 6:23, Song 4:22, and Angel Food Cake 5:34.
Although these sounds are all distinctive and melodic, several of the later songs have a tempo that is somewhat too fast for my tastes.
The group's originators are Corky Siegel and Jim Schwall.
The pair first met in a college jazz band and eventually dropped out to form a unique blues duo.
A number of bassists and drummers have come and gone since the formation of a quartet, but the sounds have stayed primarily the same cool, clear sounds of the original duo.
Jim Schwall has extremely talented guitar and vocal skills, while Corky Siegel has honed his piano and harmonica skills to a soothing, pleasing talent.
This group's distinctive blues style and clear-as-a-bell tones were primarily inspired by such blues greats as B.
King, Lightning Hopkins, Jimmy Reed, and Howling Wolf.
Corky claims that their journey into blues was inspired by Milt Boyland.
Furthermore, he states that Bill Halley's Comets inspired Siegel-Schwall's changes in volume, and J.
Bach inspired their simplicity.
All those influences, combined with their hard work, and unique talents have resulted in one of the most distinctive blues sounds in music history.
This Vanguard Visionaries Siegel-Schwall CD is part of the Vanguard Records series entitled Vanguard Visionaries.
The series is dedicated to some of the most influential musicians and musical groups that have adorned the music scene since the 1950s.
The series features some of the most ground-breaking sounds in blues and other genres, including jazz, folk, alternative country, electronica, indie rock, and new age.
The series honors musical artists that were once part of the Vanguard Records family.
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