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Hi, I'm Tenley Hardin, Education Director at Aspen Learning.I'm going to show you in this is video, some education games for sixth grade language arts. I love Jeopardy, so what I do with a lot of my students, is divide them up into teams, you can do four teams, three teams, but just basically several teams. And a great way to avoid competition when they're raising their hands for answers, is to provide each team with a different mechanism to get your attention. You can use a whistle for one team, you can use a horn for another team, you can use a bell for another team, and you can even use those rattles, whatever you want. But usually my students will get really competitive, and they'll say, my hands went up first. Give them something else and as soon as you hear that sound, obviously it goes for that team. So, here's a great Jeopardy game. I've divided up the categories into some really amazing ways to align your lessons with the standardized curriculum, the state curriculum. Fact versus opinion, literary terms, synonyms, antonyms and of course, grammar. So, if the team says, we would like literary terms for 200, the team gets the answer and of course, they have to come up with a question. The answer is, the wind howled and the rain sang. Hopefully, the team will guess, that's right, personification. What is personification? Now, if the team doesn't get the answer, or they know what the answer is. Then, you can offer it to the other three teams or the two teams and see, who call in first with their lovely sound machine. Now, going back to home, you can go back and pick another one, antonyms. So, if the antonym or the word, the vocab word is pursue, and they get, what is hide? They get it correct. If you want to know how to generate Jeopardy on a PowerPoint, it's really easy,there are several videos about that. I'm not going to talk about that today, I'm just going to talk about other games. So, another game that i really like to do, is Catch Phrase, and Catch Phrase is a fun way to help students describe what's going on without using the actual words in the sentence. So, Catch Phrase, you can create your own words, you can do it for vocabulary. So, if they're describing a word to their team, if the word is arduous, right, they might kind of look for it, they might look tired, they might use other words to describe it. Like, this is long and difficult, they might use synonyms, they can even antonyms and say, well, it's not this. Another thing you can do with Catch Phrase, is literary terms. So, if they're describing a metaphor, they can say, you know, the red balloon is a sound in the wind, or something like that. That could help your kids understand literary terms. And finally, I love to do riddles, so I do what's called Riddle Challenge. Every week my students can come in a riddle and by the end of the week, we have to figure it out. Riddles are a wonderful way to help those who have executive functioning issues and who need help with critical thinking. It also helps them write out the answers and articulate what they're saying, building fluency and reading as well. So, you just watched a video about some various education games for sixth grade language arts. My name is Tenley Hardin, Education Director at Aspen Learning, happy learning and growing.
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