IMMACC - Where Did They Come From?

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IMMAC is the Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center.
This education system seemed to spring up out of nowhere, like a loin from the grass.
It is by far the largest marketing mentoring program in the on-line world.
Here is a little information about what they are and who runs it.
1) IMMACC - This center is at the core of mentoring the latest top earners in the internet marketing world.
The program consists of a network of marketing mentors.
All of which help each other daily to achieve success.
The Center provides up to date training in over 51 areas of on-line marketing.
With over 700 hours of video training, they are considered the largest ongoing online internet marketing, mentoring, and coaching program to date.
They are continuously improving their methods and teaching these techniques to its member several times a week.
2) Owner- Gerald Van Yerxa started this company in late 2007 from the small town of Kamloops, British Colombia, Canada.
The original name was Big Ticket to Wealth.
The company thrive and grew of the next 3 years.
He has been the past president of the local United Way, past director of Tourism Kamloops High Country Region, co-owned a chain of radio stations, and was the first chairperson the "Coalition of Concerned Canadians For Personal Health Freedom" He lives with his wife Rachael and his two children.
Internet marketing is his passion.
IMMAC is a clearly here to stay.
The education they offer is unparalleled in today's on-line marketing field.
The name may be a new one, but the foundation is strong and growing every week.
The more you know about this company, the more you like it.
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