Five Kinds of Fruits Can Moisturize the Skin

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It is necessary for people to supplement moisture for our skin, as the coldness and dryness in autumn and winter can take the moisture from our bodies. Many people use various skin care products to supplement moisture for the skin. In fact, the intake of five kinds of fruits like apple, banana, snow pear, orange and sugarcane can also effectively and conveniently moisturize the skin for the human body.

The good taste of apple can not only alleviate the symptoms of bad mood caused by high pressure of work and life, but also restore consciousness for people. The coarse fibers contained in apples can accelerate the gastric and intestinal peristalsis, remove the wastes from the human body and reduce the harms caused by the toxic substances. What's more, the trace elements including magnesium, sulfur, iron, copper, sodium, manganese and zinc can beautify and moisturize the skin.

Banana plays an important role in improving the skin. The nutritional value of banana is rather high. The flesh of banana can reduce the cholesterols. What's more, banana can restrain the formation of bacteria and fungi and treat the skin pruritis. The adequate intake of banana can also beautify the skin and prevent the skin dryness.

Snow pear can effectively reduce the phlegm and remove the internal heat for the human body. It is very beneficial for people to eat snow pears in autumn and winter. According to the modern medicine, snow pear can also reduce the blood pressure and clear the internal heat. The patients with high blood pressure can increase the intake of snow pear moderately to alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, orange can effectively nourish the lung, stop the cough and invigorate the spleen. What's more, orange contains abundant vitamins, protein, fat, dietary fibers, malic acid, citric acid and mineral substances. The frequent intake of orange can make the human skin smooth and elastic.

Sugarcane contains abundant nutrients, such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, manganese and zinc. Because of the high content of iron, sugarcane can effectively supplement blood for the human body. In addition, 18 kinds of amino acid contained in sugarcane can help people produce saliva, slake thirst and nourish the stomach.

In order to improve the skin, people can moderately increase the intake of the fruits like apple and orange in autumn and winter. The abundant nutrients contained in these fruits can effectively moisturize the skin for people.
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