How to Try on Different Hair Colors

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    • 1). Visit (see Resources) or other similar website and click the pink link that says "Enhanced Makeover." On the next screen, click "Start Makeover."

    • 2). Click "Upload a New Photo" and then "Upload from Computer." Choose a digital photograph of your face that shows you looking straight at the camera close up. Click the "Upload" button and wait while the photo uploads.

    • 3

      Crop or rotate your photo as desired by clicking and dragging the pink outlines around your photo.

    • 4

      Select the lighting that looks the most like your natural coloring. Click "Next."

    • 5

      Look at the outline of your face the website creates and change it, if necessary, by moving the pink circles around your face so that your complete face is shaded in blue. Click "Next."

    • 6

      Make sure the outline of your eyes and eyebrows is accurate. Move the pink dots so that your eyes and eyebrows are completely shaded in blue. Click "Next."

    • 7

      Look at the outline of your lips and ensure that the pink dots accurately outline your lips. Move the dots, if necessary, so that your lips are completely shaded in blue. Click "Next."

    • 8

      Click "Start Makeover" on the next page to bring up your photo with the editing options.

    • 9

      Experiment with different hair colors by clicking the "Hairstyles" tab at the top left of the page. Click "Hairstyle Gallery" and then narrow your options by choosing a length, bangs and textures. Choose a hairstyle to try on your photo by selecting from the styles that appear under the options to the left of your photo. Select different hair colors under the hairstyle options. Choose from overall hair color, highlights and lowlights.

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