How to Create Themes for Outlook 2007

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    Creating Themes

    • 1). Plan out your new theme. Nothing stifles creativity more than a blank screen. If you have a blueprint or a plan drawn up beforehand, you can save a lot of time and energy.

    • 2). Open FrontPage 2003. You will need this program in order to create your own custom themes and templates for Outlook 2007. You can't customize any of the themes that already come with Outlook. Once you've opened FrontPage, click the taskbar at the top of the screen and select "Format" and then "Theme." This will display the Theme task pane.

    • 3). Click "Create New Theme." You'll find it under the Theme task pane. If you want to add a graphic, select the "Graphics" button and you will be able to draw pictures onto your customized theme. Insert a picture by clicking the "Picture" tab under Graphics. Select "Background Picture" and then click "Browse" in order to look through the files that are saving pictures on your hard drive. Once you've selected the picture you want to use, click "Open" and then "OK," which will accept the image as your new background. Resize, crop, rotate or edit the image if needed.

      Click "Colors" or "Text" in order to add text or reformat colors or fonts on your custom theme.

    • 4). Save your work by clicking "Save" or "Save As." When you save your new custom theme, you will also need to insert a new name for it. Choose a name that will be easy to associate with the new custom theme that you have created. FrontPage should save your custom theme as an .els file.

    • 5). Import your theme into Outlook. Open Outlook if it is not already opened. Select "Actions," "New Message Using" and then "More Stationary" in order to select your custom theme. You can also choose to set your new theme as the default by selecting "Tools," "Options," "Mail Format," "Stationery" and "Fonts," and then "Theme."

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