What Is a Diamond Stud?

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    • In making the decision to purchase a diamond stud, you have to understand the four Cs. These are carat weight, diamond clarity, diamond color and diamond cut. A diamond stud is measured by weight and not by size. Carat is the measurement used in diamonds. Carat is divided into 100 points. A diamond that has 50 points weighs .50 carats. The diamond cut does not refer to the actual diamond shape; it refers to measuring the quality of the diamond`s dimensions. A proportionate cut makes the diamond sparkle up to its maximum potential. Diamond clarity refers to the measure of the diamond's flaws and impurities. The diamond color`s scale uses letters to indicate the diamond shades. A D to F rating means the diamond is the perfect color. A K to M rating means the diamond is noticeably yellow. All four Cs determine the value of the diamond.


    • The setting refers to the prong and the post that holds the diamond. The setting can be made out of different metals, platinum, gold and white gold. Choosing the setting for a diamond stud is not as crucial as choosing the ones used in rings and bracelets, because such jewelry is prone to abuse and scratches. Choose the color of the setting that matches your style and look. Make sure that you are not allergic to metals before using them.


    • When purchasing a pair of diamond studs, always deal with a reputable jeweler. You can request a lab report to acquire accurate grading of the diamond studs, especially if you intend to buy big ones. Always find out the actual carat weight of your diamond studs rather than settling for a range. In buying a pair there is a possibility that one stud weighs more than the other.


    • One of the advantages of diamond stud earrings is their versatility. Because of their simple structure, they can complement any outfit and can be worn on almost any occasion. Diamond studs are the most basic style of diamond earrings, which is why they are available in most jewelry and diamond shops. Nowadays, they can come in different sizes, shapes and styles. They are considered durable because the diamond stone is nestled in a three or four prong basket. This style ensures that the stone is fastened tightly.


    • One very unique quality of diamond stud earrings is that they appeal to men as much as to women. They have also become part of the fashion statements made by celebrities in Hollywood. When worn by men, the diamond stud does not exude the feminine look but enhances the masculine image. Famous stars like Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx are seen sporting such earrings.

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