DIY Aluminum Box

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    • 1). Drip half of your brush into the adhesive, known as size.

    • 2). Apply a thin coat of size to the box. Spread the size evenly across the surface.

    • 3). Allow the size to become tacky and sticky to the touch. The surface should become tacky in approximately 90 minutes.

    • 4). Align a sheet of aluminum leaf with the bottom edge of the box.

    • 5). Apply the leaf to the tacky box with your fingertips. Continue applying aluminum leaf until the box is covered.

    • 6). Dip your brush fully into a small container of mineral spirits to clean the bristles. Dry the brush.

    • 7). Apply a thin coat of oil-based varnish with your brush to the surface of your newly gilded box. The varnish will protect the surface from moisture and air.

    • 8). Allow the box to set for 24 hours for the leafing to cure.

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