Frequently Asked Questions About Cookware and Other Related Accessories

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Cookware like any other accessory has its share of common questions and doubts associated to it which add to the confusion.
With the internet boom, many misconceptions have been cleared and many have been added as well.
Some frequently asked questions about sets are discussed below.
Misconceptions There are many people who believe that it is not correct to gift a woman a set if she has suffered a miscarriage.
People believe that such women may suffer miscarriage again if cookware are gifted to them.
We are living in the 21 st century and believing in such thinking contradicts science.
Cookware and Feng shui Feng shui, vaastu and astrology are mixed in unnecessary things by some people.
They buy and even gift cookware as per these details.
Like other misconceptions, there are no scientific or logical explanations to such claims.
Many people are also of an opinion that food prepared in cookware made up of precious metals like gold and silver are extremely healthy for us.
Silver is used for making chafing dishes and some items in sets and cutlery sets (like spoons and knives) but no historical evidence connects gold with food.
Also, it is commercially not viable and can have many other problems attached to its use.
Confusions A major confusion which cannot even have a minor impact is the question - is flatware similar to cutlery set? The answer is simple - yes and no.
A cutlery set has a selection of a variety of knives while a flatware set has a small selection of spoons, forks and knives as well.
The difference or the similarity is how you take it.
Another common misconception is that good cookware and accessories will make the food tasty.
No doubt, the ease of preparing or the overall taste will improve but it mainly depends on one's skill of cooking and this comes with experience.
Buying the entire cookware set or cutlery set at one go versus buying in parts is a person choice dependent on your requirement.
Be sure that at least cookware sets have no element of luck induced by its usage (apart from your superstitions, if any).
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