How to Make a Glow Necklace Skirt

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    • 1). Measure the width of the waist where you want to wear the skirt. Add 20 inches to this measurement.

    • 2). Cut a ribbon to equal the modified measurement. Mark the two ends of the ribbon at the start and end of the waist measurement, leaving a 10-inch tail on either end of the ribbon.

    • 3). Cut a piece of tulle to equal your waist measurement and to the desired length. Sew the tulle to the ribbon between the marks on the ribbon.

    • 4). Line the top edge of the skirt just below the ribbon with glow necklaces. Sew the necklaces to the skirt by hand, using needle and thread. Line the bottom edge of the skirt the same way.

    • 5). Make patterns with the necklaces on the body of the skirt with the glow sticks. You can make a variety of patterns, from straight sticks to letters to circles and crosses. Sew the glow sticks in place by hand.

    • 6). Break the glow sticks before going out to start the glowing process. Since glow sticks typically last only one night, you will have to remove them from the skirt and sew new ones in place if you want to wear the skirt again. Wrap the ribbon around your waist and tie it into a bow to wear the skirt.

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