Putting Words On Canvas Prints

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Canvas prints are fantastic ways of expressing your feelings about a particular person or group of people. Their dramatic visual impact is one crucial element to their aesthetic make-up, but another, whose importance should not be devalued, is the uniquely personal touch they offer the gift-buyer. Indeed, canvas prints combine artistic creativity with individual originality for a beautiful blend of dynamism and charisma. Adding words in a message format to your fabulous canvas prints gives an extra touch of sparkle that will be really appreciated by your lucky recipient.

Add a secret message to the back of your canvas prints

One great option for canvas prints could be to write a secret message that is hidden on the back of the final print. With this technique, your recipient will have to look round the back to find the hidden words of love or affection and will always be reminded of your thoughtfulness. This is a more subtle way of expressing how you feel, but it is also great to incorporate words within the main body of the image.

Canvas prints with words and message

If you are giving a beautiful canvas print to a couple that has just got married, you might like to write a message such as Good luck in the future! or Wishing you both great happiness in the corner of the image or on any patch of light in the photo. If you have something important that needs to be said, canvas prints with words are the best way of doing it. You can make the most individual canvas prints that are full of care and consideration. Whoever is lucky enough to receive your great gifts will count themselves very fortunate to have such a loving friend or relative.

Canvas prints with quotes

Some quotes are very quotable, and you can put them on your canvas prints surrounded by a lovely photo of the family for a truly inspirational effect. Some citations make us stand up and think that we should follow the advice of Julius Caesar, Carpe Diem, or go out any live every moment as if it were our last one. There are so many great quotes, be they from films, novels, poems, short stories, or speeches. If your recipient has a favourite film with a great quote, such as Heres looking at you, kid from Casablanca or Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what youre gonna get from Forrest Gump, you might like to print those words onto a beautiful set of canvas prints that they will proudly display in their bedroom to be admired every day. Incorporated with your own message of love, this would make for beautiful canvas prints.

Canvas prints for avid readers

Most of us have a favourite book, and if you know someone who is a voracious reader, devouring books at every instant, you might like to get them canvas prints with a quote from their favourite story. It might be Shakespeare, for example, and you could put Prosperos words We are such stuff that dreams are made on (later taken by Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon but changed to made of) onto your personalised canvas prints as an extraordinary and timeless heirloom. Alternatively, if you are looking for beautiful canvas prints for your wife or girlfriend on her birthday or Valentines Day, what about a quote from Shakespeares As You Like It, also in Marlowes Hero and Leander: Who ever loved that loved not at first sight? This would be a highly erudite and intellectual, but nonetheless loving, way of showing your loved one how you feel.
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