Social Worker Recruitment - 5 Critical Steps to Avoid When Taking on New Staff

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When it comes to social worker recruitment, particularly in an unstable economic climate, it is absolutely vital that you take on the right staff to make the most of your resources.
If you're thinking of recruiting social workers for your organisation, it's essential that you remain focused on the goals you're hoping to achieve and the kind of people you need to achieve them.
As you go through the hiring process, you might find the world of social worker recruitment full of potential pitfalls; here are just a few of the things you may need to avoid.
Believing you can't Just because the economy's struggling, doesn't mean you can't fill the social worker role required or that you have to settle for second best.
It's not easy to find the best social worker jobs in the current economic climate, so by putting a position out there you're offering a lot of eager and qualified people a potential opportunity.
As long as your budgets allow for recruitment, as long as you can find a cost-effective recruitment method and as long as you can allow for the time, you should be able to fill a social worker post with ease.
Looking in the wrong places As with all hiring practices, social worker recruitment deserves time and consideration and you need to be on the lookout for right person.
This can come in the form of knowledgeable guidance from a specialist recruitment agency or consultant.
If it is true expertise and the most relevant working experience you're looking for, it will be worth speaking to a dedicated social worker recruitment expert who is dedicated to providing candidates that suit your specific needs.
Listening to the wrong advice If the recruitment consultant you've been talking to is heavily suggesting a candidate or a certain recruitment path to an end goal you hadn't envisioned, remember that you don't have to listen.
You may need a high level of input into your recruitment practices but if you know what you need and who you're looking for, don't be bossed around.
If you're working with an organisation that isn't willing to respect what you want, don't just go along with their considered 'best option'.
Only listen to those who are willing to listen to you.
Being unprepared for interviews When you've shortlisted candidates and you're interviewing for the post, think about the questions that will inspire the answers you're looking for.
Be aware that people may say what you want to hear for the right job, but there will be a lot of qualified people on the ground looking for a new role.
Carefully whittle your interviewees down to find the right candidate.
Be prepared to ask unexpected questions, think outside the box, and consider what really matters to you.
Trying to fill a post too quickly When you've interviewed some viable social worker candidates and you're ready to recruit, don't rush ahead into hiring.
If you need a second interview or a practical assessment to be sure that your candidate is the right one, don't feel that you're asking too much.
Social worker jobs are thin on the ground and if you're offering a quality opportunity with options for future development and career progression, then it's fair to ask someone to wait a little longer and come back to talk to you more about what they can bring to the role.
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