Zhu Zhu Hamsters - The Must Have Toy For Christmas This Year

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The hottest toy obsession to come to the stores and have just been put on the top ten toy hot list for Christmas.  At first, limited supply meant that dodgy sellers were exaggeratingthe prices of these furry little hamsters to outrageous levels, as is the case most of the time with the latest ‘must have’ toy.  Fortunately, reality has now set in and the zhu zhu pet hamstersthemselves, as well as the range of add on zhu zhu pet hamster accessories can now be found at average prices.

There are four different zhu zhu hamsters and they are named – Num Nums, Pipsqueak, Mr Squiggles and Chunk.  Each of them different in color and with their own exceptional personalities.  Small in size and full of movement and sound, they will scurry around and really provide your kids with endless hours of interactive fun.  All you have to do is push the zhu zhu pet hamster's back to set it into loving or explore mode, or push again to turn it off for sleep.

The zhu zhu pet hamsters and the accessories are well built and give endless hours of entertainment for kids.  Please note that this toy is not meant for children under 4 years old.  The zhu zhu hamster has wheels and a little motor that causes it to scurry around and that is part of the fun, however, care should be taken not to get things caught in the way of the spinning wheels, as is the common sense case with any small children and toys that have moving parts.

The accessories that are available for the zhu zhu hamsters allow your child to expand the interactive nature of the hamster pet and really get the most fun and play time with them. The Funhouse is the most popular accessory which essentially provides a hamster habitat for your child’s zhu zhu hamster to go scurrying around in and out of.  Other accessories include from hamster wheels to cars to slides.

If you’re looking for an low-cost toy and you want to reduce your children'spleading for the latest toy craze, then you really can’t go wrong with a zhu zhu pet hamster. And considering the state of the economy and a cheap gift that your kids will love is pretty much prefect.  As with all Christmas toy crazes, if your youngster has their heart set on a zhu zhu hamster, you would be best advised, as most parents that have been jammed in this trap before, purchasing it early and hiding it for Christmas morning. This is especially true since Toys R Us has just added zhu zhu petsto their Christmas top ten toy list.  This means that there will be limited supply and that means you will have to either pay a ludicrously high cost or let your kidgo without. This warning is mostly for last minute shoppers, I know you're reading this! These hamsters will keep your child busy for hours and they will love their new toy (it's a win-win).
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