How to Reconcile Bank Accounts

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    • 1). Write down every single check you wrote and debit card purchase made. The easiest way is to write the withdrawal transactions, also known as debits, into your checking account register. However, there are some alternatives. You could get checks that make duplicate carbon copies for each document written, type the information into a Microsoft Word or Excel file, or even write the data in a small handheld notepad.

    • 2). Write down every deposit made into your account, whether through an in-person or ATM transaction, or direct deposit from your employer.

    • 3). Add together all of your credits.

    • 4). Subtract the sum of all pending debits from your total credits, which will create your true checking account balance. Remember to take into account any regularly scheduled bill payments, electronic bill payments and applicable fees that your bank might assess.

    • 5). Compare your monthly bank statement (whether you get it online or through postal mail) with your information. If something seems wrong, make sure it is not from improper record keeping. If you are certain an unauthorized transaction went through, immediately visit or call your bank.

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