Make Your Own Bellatrix Lestrange Costume - Bellatrix Costume Ideas For The Harry Potter Fan

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One of the popular costumes this year is going to be the Bellatrix Lestrange Costume.
That's right.
Herminone Granger will not be the only one in the list of in-demand costumes this year, but the evil death eater, Bellatrix Lestrange is going to be a popular choice too.
This is of course very understanble.
With the messy hair, the black dress and the scary eyes- a Bellatrix costume is just perfect for this day.
If you want to wear this particular costume this year and are looking for Bellatrix Lestrange costume ideas, then look no further.
The Bellatrix Lestrange Dress The very first thing you need to look for is the dress.
This is not too difficult to find.
Simply find a long black sundress or nightgown that reaches halfway down the calves.
If it's a long-sleeved one, so much the better.
Now you can leave this dress as is.
However, if you want to show a bit more detail.
Then let's work on the sleeves.
First thing you need to do is rip the long sleeves off.
Undo the seams on the side.
Once this is done, you need to sew them back on again.
Only this time, sew it very loosely so that there's a big space between the two ends.
You can even cut a little bit along the sides so that when you sew them back on, the space is very apparent.
Once this is done, sew the sleeves back on to the dress.
Make sure that you also sew it loosely so that there's also a space between the shoulder of the dress and the sleeves.
Another thing you need to think about when it comes to the Bellatrix Lestrange dress is that it has a tight fit on the top.
If your sundress or nightgown already has this fit.
If not, you can easily get a corset top and wrap it over the top.
This should give the effect you want.
The Bellatrix Lestrange Hair And now for the hair.
In the book, her hair is black and straight.
However, in the movie, Bellatrix Lestrange hair is long, curly and brown.
I reckon that with a costume, you can get away with either a black or dark brown wig.
Buying a wig is the best option to get this effect.
If you have long hair, however, you can easily use a temporary dye to match Bellatrix Lestrange's hair (if yours isn't the same color), curl it loosely, tease it, and then really make a mess of it.
It has to give the effect of hair that hasn't been combed in a long time.
The Accessories Now, there are a few accessories of a Bellatrix Lestrange costume that you can use or not.
This includes the necklace, the boots and the wand.
The necklace Bellatrix has is a bird skull.
You may have to buy the Bellatrix necklace unless you've got a bird carcass somewhere in the house.
There are a lot of Halloween shops that you can get this from.
Another thing you might want to have is the Bellatrix Lestrange wand.
Frankly, you can just use a piece of short stick and I should say that a lot of people wouldn't know the difference.
However, you can also buy a wand that resembles very much like the one the Death eaters use in the Harry Potter movie.
Now lastly, don't forget to wear black military-style boots.
A Bellatrix Lestrange costume definitely needs this one The Makeup If you're very good at make-up you can greatly elaborate this bit.
However, it doesn't really have to be.
In actual fact, Bellatrix didn't really wear any distinct heavy make-up at all.
Just remember that you need to have a smooth pale skin and if you want to show scary-looking eyes you may have to heavily use an eyeliner around it- although this was not what she had on in the movie at all.
If you really want to get the Bellatrix Lestrange makeup perfect, there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube which are very very helpful indeed.
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