What Are the Signs of Depression?

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Depression is a mentality disorder that affects a sufferer in many ways.
It affects your work, your depression emotions, your relationships and your physical state etc.
Millions get affected every year.
Women, children, teenagers, adults and old people.
Depression can be mild to moderate depending upon the signs and symptoms.
It also has many forms.
If it goes untreated it may harm you big way.
Here are the signs of depression: 1.
Sufferer commonly exhibits the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness; he makes negative mind set about his situation and feels he will not get over his mental state.
Interest in daily activities decreases to quite a large extent.
Activities enjoyed in the past normal life do not appear enjoyable.
Poor appetite, as a result of which sufferer might put on or loose significant amount of weight.
Poor concentration level, sufferer finds it difficult to concentrate on his work and often finds himself in trouble at work.
Loss of energy or fatigue.
Crying without apparent reason.
Inability to make decisions, sufferer finds it difficult to make decisions or might make wrong decisions.
Problems in sleeping is another sign, sufferer sleeps for very less than usual most of the times, occasionally might sleep too much.
Depressed person finds him self restless throughout the day.
Physical problems such as headache, stomach pain or back pain.
Sexual problems, interest in the intercourse decreases to a large extent.
Thoughts of suicide or suicidal attempts are also the prominent signs of depression.
Negative approach towards life.
Low self confidence.
Socially inactive.
The signs of depression may be different person to person.
If more than 5 of the above listed signs appear for more than two weeks in you or somebody you know, then a serious help should be sought.
Major Common signs: loss of interest in daily activities, huge amount of negativism, decreased sexual interest, poor appetite and weight loss.
Atypical Common signs: fatigue, eating problems due to too much eating, significant amount of weight increase.
Psychotic Signs are: sufferer is unable to differentiate between reality and imagination, hears imaginary sounds and sees imaginary objects that do not exist at all, signs of schizophrenia.
Manic Common Signs: Changes in mood frequently, sufferer changes his mood from lows to high very rapidly, another alarming sign of manic depression is the suicidal tendencies, suicidal tendencies in manic depression are higher than any other forms.
Postpartum Common signs are the same as major depression just one sign that is a bit different is; it interferes with ability of mother to bond with newborn child.
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