How to Unlock Movie Clips in the Game "The Godfather" for PC

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    • 1). Complete in-game missions to unlock film clips. For example, completing "Change of Plans," unlocks the "Are You Ready To Do Me This Favor" scene. The other missions are "It's Only Business," "Sonny's War," "The Don Is Dead," "Recipe For Revenge," "A Grave Situation," "The Enforcer," "Death To The Traitor," "The Alley," "Sleeping With The Fishes," "Fireworks," "Intensive Care," "The Silent Witness," "Order to Kill," "Horseplay," and "Now It's Personal." For each of these missions you complete, you will earn a scene.

    • 2). Collect film reels scattered around the city to unlock more movie scenes. You will unlock a movie scene when you reach 10 film reels, and another one when you reach the 20, 30, 40, 55, 70, 85, and 100 film reel mark.

    • 3). Complete the final mission, "Baptism By Fire," to unlock the movie's "Christening Montage" scene.

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