Fear of rats or love of cats? Let corporate HR know this

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A very interesting question was asked as why and how cats enjoy so much of privilege and importance among human world? We may find it very tough to answer the above question in a single word or a sentence. But the truth is very astonishing and at the same time very funny also. The fear of rats only favoured or allowed to the cats to enjoy all the luxury, care and royal importance from the human world.

The simple law of €enemy's enemy could always enjoy great wants and privileges' perhaps cats would have learned and exploited during the pre-historic period. Rats posed great threat to mankind since time immemorial in different ways and means. Man made several attempts to control and contain them ever since the past. Man's fight against rats was as old as human history. The best option available to man was to identify the worst enemy of rats from the nature and either domesticate them or have them as pets. Thanks to €rats', €cats' could enjoy a very fantastic life and care from human beings.

Interestingly, the rats ensured that all the comfort cats enjoy from man are well preserved and protected by continuously establishing their dominance, menace and invincibility to man. The man unfortunately missed the purpose of having cats and invented a new psychological need and necessity out of his association with cats. He started seeking an emotional comfort or dependency from cats.

What message the corporate has to derive from the above historical event? Many employees could become part of some group in the corporate may be purely because they happens (perceived or described) to be the enemy of someone. The law of enemy's enemy is always privileged' would have favoured them to be in the group.

Remember that if you limit your role/purpose just to deal the ego of enemy of someone's enemy, your significance would cease to exist with time. You may use the opportunity as a starting point but never could live with such role description for long. Gets into the inner circle/space and create an acute need or imminent role for you. Cats have done that. Cats did not limit their role to just catching rats and killing them.

How the corporate employees have to optimize the opportunity and use them in the best possible way, better they should learn from cats. It is not having given an opportunity scripts or defines success, but seeing and creating an opportunity in opportunity or €within opportunity' alone ultimately makes the success to flow.

It important that every organization and the respective HR must check whether any employment opportunities are created and people are recruited by various departments purely based on the above law. Cat could be very smart but the same smartness cannot be expected out of many employees.

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