Facebook's New Privacy Controls

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Facebook is rolling out new privacy settings & policies to its users as an attempt to make it easier for people to understand who will be able to view the content they post on the site. The changes also comprise of increased controls that users will have over content they're tagged in. It seems to reflect some of what people have been asking for, as a part of which, Facebook has also simplified the interface of its privacy page and put up user education pages to help users figure out and better understand the new privacy settings.

Tag Review:

You will now have the option to review – "approve" or "reject" any tag someone adds to your photos and posts. You will also be able to approve or reject any photo or post you are tagged in before it's made visible to others on your profile. So basically, each tag is held in moderation until you approve it.

Tag Review
Earlier, you couldn't tag someone in your posts unless you were friends with them. But now, Facebook is doing away with this rule and will allow users to tag people they're not friends with, or pages they haven't "liked", though users will be required to approve tags from non-friends before they appear on their profiles.

View profile as:

View Profile As
This tool, which is now on the top of your profile lets you see what your profile looks like to others.

Inline Controls:

Inline Controls
Underneath each piece of content, be it your profile detail or an item you shared, you can now see who all can view it. You can even alter this after the fact by clicking on the inline control icon next to each post and change the target audience to "Public", "Friends" or "Custom" from the drop-down menu.

Location Tagging:

Location Tagging
Now you can even add your geographic location to a status update, photo or wall post from anywhere, regardless of what device you are using.

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