DIY Halloween Crafts

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    • A popular decoration for Halloween is pumpkins, since they are common in the fall. Pumpkin carving is an activity both children and adults enjoy, and can be as complex as the person making it desires. This activity doesn't require many materials; all you need is a good knife to cut the lid and face features, and a scoop to take all the insides from the pumpkin out. There are others crafts you can make with pumpkins; you can paint them with finger paint and younger children can decorate the pumpkins with stickers.


    • Ghosts are also a popular theme for Halloween and can be made in with different materials. One activity is to make ghosts with milk jugs. Draw a face on the milk jug using a permanent marker, then cut a hole on the back of the jug. Use Christmas lights inside the jug to light up the ghost during the night. Another idea is to make ghosts with sheets and hang these from trees or the outside of your home. Children can also make little ghost decorations with white foam, card stock or clay.


    • Spiders are often used to create a scary effect, and can be made as a craft. One idea is to make spiders with egg cartons. Use the individual egg cups for the body of the spider, painted black, with black pipe cleaners to make the legs. Decorate the spider with wiggly eyes and stickers. Another idea is to make spiders with pom-poms as the body and with string or pipe cleaners for the legs.


    • Make witches with burned out light bulbs, which are painted green. Paint a face once the light bulb dries and make a hat for the witch with foam or card stock. For the hair, use small black feathers. You can use cauldrons to pass out candy to children, and they can be made at home. Paint a clay pot black, decorate it or put a warning message and the cauldron is ready to use. Another idea is to make a cauldron completely from scratch with clay.

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