How to Find People by SSN

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    • 1). Write a letter to the Social Security Administration. You will need to include the name and the Social Security number of the person you are trying to locate as well as the reason you are seeking him out. Often employers send these letters to verify employee identification.

    • 2). Look up online programs for seeking out people. There are a number of sites that will help you search out people via Social Security number. If you are an employer and you have many numbers to verify, joining the Social Security number Verification Service is your best bet for fast returns.

    • 3). Hire a private investigation service. With a last name and a Social Security number, a private investigator has access to county and state records that a layman does not.

    • 4). Write to the IRS with the Social Security number and name of the person. While the IRS often will not give out the address, you can send an official letter you need to get to the person. This process works if you are trying to serve a person with a 10-99 or W-2 employment record.

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