How to Make Wine Bottle Charms

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    • 1). Cut a length of ribbon or cord between 5 and 7 inches long.

    • 2). Thread your charm onto the ribbon or cord and center it. How you do this depends on your charm. For most charms, which have a centered ring at the top that is in turn connected to a small ring, just thread the ribbon through the hole. For charms without the second ring on the centered ring, take a small length of thread and make a knot in the ring. Then tie the ends of the thread to the center of the ribbon or cord and snip off any excess.

    • 3). Add beads to both sides of the charm, keeping both sides symmetrical. Tie knots on either side of a bead to keep it from moving and to create spaces so that the beads are not touching.

    • 4). Tie the two ends of the ribbon together so that the charm hangs in the desired place. Trim off the excess ribbon or cord if you would rather not have ends showing.

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