Daily Rent of Apartments in Paris: Vacations Without Schedule

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A person who has ever traveled abroad as part of touristic groups with the obligatory occupancy to a hotel knows the rule: a step away is actually an escape:-). Excursions to be "recommended" to buy only in a close agency, to rent car at the hotel... It's not bad, there is even a plus - you will not become a victim of cheaters. But and you do not stay in a hotel, you also can be careful! Moreover, instead of schedule you get the complete freedom and some savings of money.

Now apartments for rent in Paris have certain popularity among tourists, but these people are not the beginners, in majority they are experienced travelers. They know exactly how to rent apartment in Paris and get a profit. Even when you're in another country it's possible to book an apartment in Paris via the Internet in advance (some months). However, the early search will help you to find the most attractive option. Apartments in Paris "goes away" among the knowledgeable tourists quickly!

Daily rent in France has the same preferences as in other countries. Firstly, the economy on the number of occupants, the price does not depend on it. Secondly, the opportunity not to spend "free" money for laundries or restaurants. And, finally, you can stay in any district of Paris, either historical center or sleeping green suburbs.

Newcomers need not worry: "deceit" in the French capital is more developed in the hotels, not on the rental market. Here we speak about double sales of hotel suites, especially in the "hot" touristic season during the holidays. Experienced travelers know such a situation and find better solutions for themselves. Rental apartments in Paris are more quiet options than hotels.


Traditionally, rent of apartments is compared to the cost of hotel rooms with the same level of comfort. So, if you rent a luxury apartment in Paris, it will save for you from one to several hundred Euros. Of course, we compare flats with the luxury hotels, otherwise this comparison would be inappropriate. And you will get more habitable space in an apartment than in a proposed hotel.
Also travelers often receive discounts for a long stay; you will never find it in any hotel. Maybe if you come to Paris for the weekend, you can't be interested in this proposal. But a period in five or seven days is very popular among tourists.

A free cheese...

In principle, Parisian market of short term apartments rent, in addition to discounts, offers many interesting things. Of course, among these proposals an evident fraud can be met. There is the only rule: no information agencies - only managing companies or serious centers of real estate. If you have to get a French Visa on the basis of rental housing, you must co-operate only with agencies and official contracts!

A brief conclusion: luxury apartments in Paris are only in the agencies (with the signing of the contract). Cheap options could be in "open access", often illegally. You can find a great option, but straining every nerve.

Cleaning is also included

Rental apartments in Paris include some nice moments. Let's look at the geography: you can rent a flat in any district and always be near subway station. Imagine, the number of subway stations in Paris is more than three hundred! So, no matter, what a district you live in, the problem with traffic is not for you.

Services. We're not talking about the presence of furniture and household appliances, it stands to reason. However, the rent may include the cost of daily cleaning and electricity costs. You think that this is not your problem? But it can be yours... So, ask in advance for what you will pay.

Districts. Of course, the price of Paris apartments is very different, what depends on the area. Some of 100 year-old homes in the center of the city don't have lifts, or toilets are out of the apartments… And in the agency you'll be said about it. Some outlying districts are still considered to be not the safest, and it's not recommended to rent an apartment there to secure yourself against possible troubles at night time. Totally there are 20 Parisian districts. Traditionally, the count starts from the historic center and ends with suburbs. 1-6 Districts - "historical center", 7-18 - the area with buildings of the 19th century, 19-20 - cheap suburbs.

Hope, this article will help you to choose the most acceptable variant of rental apartments in Paris during your stay in this beautiful city with the great history.
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