What Nails Do I Use in the Campbell Hausfeld NB3565MVRB?

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    • Use the Campbell Hausfeld NB3565MVRB to attach baseboards to walls.Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images

      The Campbell Hausfeld NB3565MVRB is an automatic nail gun ideal for use in attaching molding, baseboards and other trim to walls and cabinets. The nailing tool is also handy for hanging cabinets and other items that are bulky to work with. The Campbell Hausfeld NB3565MVRB delivers 70 to 110 pounds per square inches (PSI) of pressure and has a comfort-grip handle. Like other finish nailers, this model is designed to work with a specific kinds of nails only.

    Nail Specifications

    • The Campbell Hausfeld NB3565MVRB is designed to be loaded with 1 1/2-inch to 2 1/2-inch, 35-degree angled nails. These nails are not packaged loose, but come in cartridge form, similar to staples. The Campbell Hausfeld NB3565MVRB is not capable of accepting single nails.

    Purchasing Nails

    • Nail cartridges are available at hardware, home improvement and online building supply outlets. The nails are also available at online discount stores that sell building supplies and accessories.

    Nailer Controls

    • The Campbell Hausfeld NB3565MVRB includes built-in, nail-driving controls for adjusting the depth of the nail entry. It can also be set to drive the nails manually or automatically, upon contact.

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