Can I Sanitize a Wading Pool With Chlorine Bleach?

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    Sanitize Water

    • Sanitize the water inside the wading pool. Do this before dumping out the water, even if you can see an obvious mess in the pool, or know for sure that bacteria is growing. Emptying a pool before sanitizing the water allows remnants of the dirty water to stick to the sides of the pool. Also, the dirty water could affect plant life or people by contaminating streams, holding tanks or even the cement by the pool. Sanitize home wading pools by dumping 1 oz. of bleach into the water in the pool. Larger pools or those found in recreational facilities require 5.1 oz. of bleach per 1,000 gallons of water.

      Allow the bleach to circulate through the filtration system of the pool. If the wading pool does not have a filtration system, use an object like a yard stick to swirl the bleach around in the water.

    Empty Pool

    • Drain the wading pool. For home wading pools, be sure to dispose of the water properly. A small amount of bleach, such as 1 oz. per 10 gallon pool, can go down a storm drain. Do not drain the wading pool in a place where children play or where plants are living. As you empty or drain the pool, wash the sides of the pool with a household cleaning agent to remove traces of bleach. Then rinse the sides and bottom of the pool several times to remove traces of the cleaner.

    Refill, Rinse and Fill

    • Refill the pool completely and allow it to stand for 5 minutes. Empty the water, rinse one more time and then refill the pool to use. Repeat this sanitation process as often as necessary for wading pools.

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