How Weight Loss Can Help With a Hemorrhoid Problem

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Carrying excess weight can cause various health problems.
One of these problems that extra weight can contribute to are hemorrhoid issues.
How does extra weight add to a hemorrhoid problem? With extra weight being carried around especially while sitting down it can put extra pressure on the anal region.
When sitting down for a bowel movement this extra weight can cause the veins to swell especially if there is extra pressure from constipation.
Pregnant women for example develop hemorrhoid problems with the extra baby weight.
Part of this can be caused by various hormonal changes in the body but the extra weight causes this issue.
How a reduction in weight can help treat chronic hemorrhoids.
If the weight comes off, the pressure will decrease considerably and the hemorrhoid issues should not be as severe.
If you are looking to lose some weight, choosing foods that are good for treating hemorrhoids is a good place to start.
Eating foods high in fiber like fruits and vegetables along with much water will keep the stool at a consistency that helps hemorrhoids.
Avoid processed foods as much as possible especially foods high in fats and salts.
A plus is that this type of diet can help with weight issues as well.
Until the weight is lost there are some things that should be taken into consideration.
Be sure that you don't sit on toilet too long as this is your most vulnerable position to be in that can make hemorrhoids worse.
Also be careful with strenuous exercise especially weight lifting as these put stress on hemorrhoids.
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