Website Traffic Analysis - Using Your Cpanel

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One of the most important things we can do with our website is to constantly monitor it.
So therefore we must conduct website traffic analysis on a regular basis.
There are are several ways we can achieve this, either through some software that will monitor our site, we could pay someone to monitor it for us or we could quickly check the traffic statistics ourselves.
Checking it ourselves is always the better option because we may pick up on something that a third party does not.
As long as you have access to your websites cpanel (control panel), then checking your statistics is pretty straight forward.
It is first a matter of logging into the first page on your cpanel, normally you would type in your domain web address and add a forward slash, /, and then put 'cpanel' after it.
Use your user name and password you got when you set up your hosting.
Once you bring up your cpanel page,then it is just a matter of looking for the 'Awstats' which is normally located in the 'Logs' section.
Once you have found Awstats, just click on it to open the folder.
Now click on the 'View' icon and your statistics page should open up.
You should now be able to see a summary of all your traffic for the month which will include an easy to see bar diagram.
If you scan down the page you will also see a breakdown of your stats on a daily basis.
This method will give you pretty well all the information you need.
You can easily see how your site is doing , this is an easy and quick way to do website traffic analysis yourself.
It is easy to check your traffic stats against any ppc or article campaign you are running and the detail you get is quite comprehensive.
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