Delaware Driving Permit Requirements

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    Eligibility Requirements

    • A Delaware teen applying for a driving permit must be age 16 or older but less than age 18 and provide documentation proving his name, date of birth, social security number and two proofs of residency. Approved documents include birth certificates, passports, certified school records or transcripts and social security cards. Applicants must provide proof of completing and passing a driver's education course by presenting a Blue Certificate---a Delaware Driver Education Certificate. If she completed her driver's training in another state she must provide the certificate of completion to the Department of Education for approval before it can be presented to the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles.

    Sponsor Requirements

    • Delaware driving permit requirements include that applications of minors must be signed by a sponsor, which is the parent or guardian held liable with the applicant for any damages occurring as a result of the minor's negligence. Sponsors ultimately determine if the teen is responsible enough and capable of driving and the sponsor also gets to select persons that will supervise the teen's driving. The State of Delaware lists potential sponsors as either the mother or father of the teen if both parents are in the home with the teen or for single parent homes the parent the teen resides with within the state. Legal guardians, court-appointed custodians and any person deemed suitable by the Chief of Driver Services or the Secretary of Transportation are also allowed to sign the minor's application.

    Learner's Permit Requirements

    • A Delaware teen holding a level one learner's permit must have it in his possession whenever he is driving and his supervisor must be seated next to him, be a parent or guardian at least age 25 and have a valid driver's license. The mandatory supervision period is the first six months upon obtaining the permit and the sponsor must document 50 hours of driving with 10 hours of nighttime driving and turn the certificate into the Department of Education when completed. After this driving permit requirement, teens may drive unsupervised between 6 a.m. and 10:10 p.m. and may drive any other hours only when supervised, unless driving to school, work or church activities. The level one learner's permit automatically converts to a full privilege driver's license after twelve months or teens can apply for the Class D driver's license at age 17 after holding the permit for twelve months.

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