How to Check E36 Engine Codes With a Paper Clip

104 34
    • 1). Turn your BMW off and remove the key from the ignition.

    • 2). Slide your hand below the steering wheel column to locate the diagnostic port. The surface of the column is slightly raised over the port.

    • 3). Pry the cover off the diagnostic port.

    • 4). Bend the paper-clip into the shape of a "U," and push the its edges into the diagnostic port.

    • 5). Watch the dash of the BMW. The "check engine" light should blink. Make a note of how many times it blinks before a pause. For example, if the light shows a pattern of "Blink-Blink-Pause," "Blink-Pause," "Blink-Blink-Blink-Pause" and a final "Blink", the code is 2131.

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