Buying a New Car - New Vs Used

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When buying a new car, some people buy a brand new car, straight from the showroom.
However, many others opt to buy a previously owned car.
What are their reasons? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to buying a new vs a used car? These are some reasons to buy a brand new car: 1.
When you drive a brand new car, you have that fabulous 'brand new car smell'.
This is only achieved when buying new.
For some consumers, this can be the ultimate reason they choose to go with the brand new.
It is a great feeling to have a car that is not only 'new for you' but actually IS new.
There is usually a better warranty with a 'never been driven before' car.
The cars warranties generally only lasts for a certain amount of time.
It is not always still valid by the time the car is resold.
Another reason, is even if the warranty is still effective, certain car problems may no longer be covered once the car is resold.
There is a better resale value when you are the first owner of the car.
When you will be looking to sell your car, if it is still on its first owner there is a greater chance to make more money off the car.
However, if you are the cars second, or even third owner, no one will want to spend that much money to buy it.
Another thing to take into consideration is safety.
When you drive a brand new car out of the showroom, you know you are taking home a car that is most probably in perfect working order.
You know that all of the car parts are still functioning.
You do not have to worry that the previous owner did not tell you about problems he had with various auto parts.
For example, he may have overused the brakes, which means there may be a chance your brakes could fail while driving.
Lastly, when purchasing a new car, chances are that the car will not need very many trips to the mechanic at the beginning.
All cars and their car parts are generally healthy in the beginning.
It is only after the first few years that the car starts needing frequent trips to the repair shop.
If you are buying a previously owned car, and it is already a couple of years old, you will find that slowly many of your auto parts will start to deteriorate.
You will notice that your car ends up being in the shop quite often which can be very inconvenient as well as pretty costly.
But there is an advantage to buying a used car as well.
A used car sells for 40% less money after three years (msmoney.
com) 40% off is an extremely significant savings especially when dealing with such an expense.
You will find that not only do you save money on the actual car, but you will be saving money on the cars registration and insurance as well.
Keep these points in mind when shopping for a new car.
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