Are You Living With Someone With Depression? Here"s Some Help

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If you have ever, or are currently living with someone who has depression, you know that it can be hard.
Everything seems to be going good for them, but for some reason they are down which is frustrating.
You love them, but all of your helping seems to do nothing or make the person more depressed.
So you want to help but your lost, you don't know what to do other then encourage them to seek professional help.
This is probably one of the best thing to do, but you yourself can either help or hurt the depressed individual, also.
When someone is depressed, they are very sensitive to all of your actions, words, and emotions (subconsciously or consciously).
A slight hesitation (even though they know you are tired), a nasty facial expression (even if you cover it up right away), or tons of other various things that happen everyday.
The best piece of information to keep telling your self is that depression is a sickness, it's nothing personal against you and to talk as much as possible which will be very hard at first.
Depression is a very nasty disease because it once you are caught up in the cycle, it's very hard to get out.
Once you start to get down on your self, you can dig yourself deeper and deeper into the disease.
I call it a disease because, one that is what it is, and two it helps to lift the guilt from the depressed person, who is thinking, "This sucks right now, so why can't I do anything about it.
" Many depressed people think they are weak for not being able to snap out of it, but that's not true at all.
Only very few cases of minor depression are resolved on there own.
Almost all cases are going to need some form of help, be it psychotherapy, group/family/other various forms of therapy, or maybe just a friends shoulder to cry on.
This can be hard for the depressed person because they feel ashamed of their depression, so they don't want to reach out for help, which is exactly what they need.
They way I always put it when my better half, tries to push my help away is this, "If I were diagnosed with cancer, you wouldn't just let me deal with it by myself, so why should you have to.
" The point is depression is a very tricky and sensitive disease to help someone with.
The best advice that I can give to people living with someone with depression is this, educate yourself.
If someone thinks they have depression, don't take it lightly.
It may take a while before you realize how bad their depression really is because they are experts at hiding, many have been doing it for years or as long as they can remember.
Nurturing someone with depression can be long and hard work, that will take the right amount of sensitivity and caring mixed with authority and control, but if it's for someone you love then it's worth it.
Just remember that depression is a 100% curable disease, it just takes time and a whole lotta love.
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