How to Design an Address Directory

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    • 1). Open a word document on your computer, then click on the "Tools" menu. Scroll down to "Letters and Mailings," then click on "Mail Merge." This will access all the data in your mailbox of addresses. Click on the "Directory" selection from the "Select Document" tab. The active document will become the main document.

    • 2). Click "Next" to start the document directory. Type the text you want to repeat for each item in your directory, from labels such as Name: and Address:. Don't include text that you want to print only once in the resulting directory document at this point.

    • 3). Complete the entering of all relevant data in your main document, and insert all information needed for the merge fields, then click "Save As" from the file menu. Name your document as you desire, then click the "Save" button.

    • 4). Click on "Next," to preview your directory, and take a look at what you have created. If adjustments must be made, press the "Edit" menu and adjust the necessary features. Press "Save" when you are finished and the directory is complete. Print off the pages if you want a hard copy for reference, otherwise, keep the file saved to your desktop.

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