Qi Emission (Fa Gong) & Distance Qigong Healing

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Qigong - Cultivation Of Life-Force Energy

Qigong is the cultivation (“gong”) of life-force energy (“qi” or “chi”). We begin this cultivation process by becoming aware -- at an experiential level -- of the vibratory nature of our human bodymind. From there, the practice can unfold in countless ways -- since there are literally thousands of different qigong forms/techniques, and each bodymind is unique and ever-changing.

Benefits Of Qigong - For Self & Others

Qigong practice has many benefits, which include supporting our physical, mental and emotional health in all kinds of ways, as well as nurturing spiritual insight. And the benefits are not limited to ourselves, but also can “spill over” to affect in positive ways those around us. When we are healthier and happier, our interactions with others quite naturally support a kind of collective health and happiness. This happens quite naturally.

Qigong Healing - Qi Emission - Fa Gong

There are also what are known as qi emission (or “fa gong”) techniques, which allow a qigong practitioner to consciously and intentionally extend life-force energy as support for another person (without the use of physical devices, e.g. acupuncture needles). “Qigong healing” is another name for these practices.

Like qigong forms themselves, there are many varieties of qigong healing. What they have in common is that the qigong practitioner’s energy-body -- having become consciously connected to and hence an intelligent conduit for Universal Energy -- interacts with the energy-body of another person, in a way that catalyzes positive change: an increase in balance, flow and/or power, which is experienced as increased health and happiness.

Some forms of qigong healing -- also known as “energy-healing” -- involve physical contact: the hands of the qigong practitioner are placed directly on the physical body of the person receiving the healing. What’s just as common, however, is for qigong healing to happen “at a distance.” This distance might be several inches to several feet, or several to several thousands of miles.

Qigong Distance Healing

Instances of qigong-healing at a distance of several inches to several feet include techniques in which the practitioner is in the same room as the client, and uses their hands or entire body to “direct” or “emit” or “transmit” qi, without making physical contact. Instances in which the distance between healer and client is several miles or more are what we might typically think of, when we hear the phrase “distance healing.”

In both cases, however, the healing relies upon a similar mechanism, viz. the transfer or transmission or communication of qi from or through the healer, to the energy-body of the person receiving the healing. In other words, a signal of some sort is transmitted through space/time, similar to how radio or television waves are transmitted. In terms of western scientific categories, we could think of this “signal” as being electro-magnetic, or as being composed of light, or information, or whatever. The way it’s spoken of in Taoist practice is as a transmission of qi/chi. For an exploration of various energy-healing modalities, from a western scientific perspective, I recommend Richard Gerber’s Vibrational Medicine.

Quantum Nonlocality & Instantaneous Healing

Another form of qigong healing that has appeared, in recent years, is so-called “quantum healing” -- which purports to be based upon the principles of quantum mechanics. In such forms of healing, a nonlocal, signal-less communication/interconnectedness -- outside of Newtonian space/time -- facilitates “instantaneous” healing. In other words, healer and client meet at the level of nondual non-ordinary consciousness, which allows for profound transformations, experienced subsequently at the level of the (seemingly individual) bodymind.

Such a thing can be rather challenging to fathom, and I don’t pretend to understand it fully. What I can offer, as a starting-point, is a haiku-version of the difference (as articulated in the language of physics) between “local” and “nonlocal” communication:

According to what physicists call the “principle of locality,” all forms of communication must happen via local (i.e. having a space/time location) signals that have a speed limit (viz. the speed of light). According to this principle, instantaneous communication via signals (and hence, “instantaneous healing” via signals) is impossible.

What’s known as “quantum nonlocality,” on the other hand, is a signal-less interconnectedness (discontinuity) outside of Newtonian space/time. In other words, “nonlocal” in this context does not refer to “at a distance” -- but rather to “outside of space/time.” The best example, that I’ve come across, of documented nonlocal communication between human beings, is one that physicist Amit Goswami brought to my attention, and which I’ve written about before. It’s an experiment that seems to demonstrate conclusively the presence of this kind of quantum nonlocality:

”In these experiments, two people are asked to meditate together, with the intention of establishing nonlocal communication. Then, the two are separated, and each placed within a separate faraday chamber -- a room which is electro-magnetically impervious (i.e. no electro-magnetic signals are able to pass in or out of the room). Both are set up to have their brain-waves monitored via EEG machines.

Next, one of the participants is exposed to a series of light-flashes, which trigger certain responses in their brain, which show up clearly via the EEG output. What all four research teams that conducted this experiment found was that the second participant -- who was not exposed to the light-flashes -- registered nearly-identical EEG readings, as though they also had been exposed to the light-flashes. In other words: electric potential was transferred from one brain to another, but without an electrical signal! How is this possible? The only viable explanation is that the "transfer" happened nonlocally, i.e. via signal-less communication, outside of time/space. Wow.”

[For a more detailed presentation of these experiments, see these excerpts from Goswami’s article Science Within Consciousness: Developing a Science Based on the Primacy of Consciousness.]

Now how exactly something called “healing” might “happen” within this nondual, nonlocal “space” -- is another issue entirely. Is it spontaneous or intentional? Who is “doing” the healing? What is the relationship between “spiritual awakening” and the “healing” of a bodymind? Interesting food for thought and exploration ....

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