Laser Comb Versus Studio Laser Hair Loss Treatment

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Within the population of those hair loss sufferers using Laser Hair Therapy to restore their Hair Loss, the question has arisen, “What are the differences between using a hand-held Laser Comb and going to a studio that offers an in-studio laser for Laser Hair Treatment?” It is an important question that begs to be answered. There are many differences and each treatment approach offers different benefits and strengths depending on the user’s hair loss condition as well as their budget.

One advantage of using a hand-held Laser Comb is that the user is able to perform their hair loss treatment in the privacy of his or her own home or office and at his or her own convenience. The fact that the Laser Comb is portable may mean a lot to those hair loss sufferers who are very private about their hair loss treatment as well as those who simply wish to keep the hair restoration process under their own control.

Another advantage? The hand-held Laser Comb is extremely simple to use. Using the Laser Comb is as simple as brushing your hair for 10 to 15 minutes a few times per week or even daily if you so choose. Whether at home, in your office or on vacation, you are able to take the portable Laser Comb with you, so that you are able to maintain your busy schedule without missing work to attend in-studio Laser Hair Treatment appointments. Another benefit? If more than one person in a household is suffering from hair loss, each may use the same Laser Comb.

Results from using the portable Laser Comb are typically noticed within the first 3 to 6 months, with maximum results being attained after 12 to 24 months. In a clinic, under a capillaroscope you may see new hair starting to grow during the second month.

Some clients using the Laser Hair Therapy will often see results after a few weeks. As with any type of natural hair restoration, individual results are based across the board and on a case-by-case basis. Those that have advanced Hair Loss may initially notice that their hair shedding has slowed down significantly. There will be less hair on their pillows. Soon, the hair will cease shedding. Finally, the hair will begin growing back.

Whether a hair loss sufferer is using the portable Laser Comb or going in to the Hair Loss studio for in-studio Laser Hair Treatments, experts recommend that each regimen be supplemented by vitamins and other topical treatments and supplements that have been proven to enhance the effects of each respective laser treatment, be it the Laser Comb or the in-studio laser. These supplements will increase the cost of both treatment plans if one should choose to include them.

The portable Laser Comb is a low-level light device compared to that of the studio Laser Hair Treatments. Typically the portable device is based on 5 - 12 diode and a studio laser has 110 to 160 laser diodes. With having the lower diode count, your regrowth may take longer to achieve to that of the output of using an in-studio Laser. Recently a new trend has emerged in portable laser devices. Portable lasers have between 60 - 75 laser diodes and bridge the gap between home treatment and achieving better results.

You sit under the home laser as you do an in-studio laser but don’t have to go to a clinic to get treatment. Even though the portable Laser Comb has fewer laser diodes than the Studio Laser (75 compared to 160) you can still achieve the same amount of laser because at home it is simple to treat yourself three times per week versus online going into the studio one to two times per week for your Laser Hair Treatments.

Still, there is a lot to be said for in-studio Laser Hair Treatments. Experts who are all well educated in their field typically staff the studios. Your privacy, comfort and success is of their utmost concern. This is what they are there to provide you with. The studios will more often than not provide state-of-the-art lasers. Normally a consultation will consist of a scalp evaluation and a thorough explanation of what Laser Hair Therapy is. Many of the most popular studios are often affiliated with actual physicians, which is of comfort to many hair loss sufferers.

Another benefit to visiting a studio or clinic (as opposed to using the Laser Comb) is that you are set on a schedule months in advance. You can choose which program you feel is best for you, and you are supplied with the supplements and topical treatments that you will use. All of this being spread out to a simple monthly charge.

The studio lasers are normally comprised of treatments using from 110 to 160 diodes. Now in comparison to the portable Laser Comb, that is over a 100% increase in diodes used. Being that this method is FDA-approved; you are not being subjected to anything harmful. You are only using a higher amount of those diodes, thus, you are increasing the benefits of the Laser Hair Treatment.

That being the case, clients that do regularly use a in-studio Laser are more likely to see results sooner. With the session being only 20-30 minutes long, either weekly, multiple times a week. (Again, you and your certified Hair Loss consultant determine this.) There are conveniences to visiting studios, too. Everything is set for your arrival, you have your session and then you are on your way.

55% of those that use Laser Hair Therapy will see results after 12 weeks, while a recent study showed that 90% of ALL Laser Hair Therapy users would receive some benefit from using the Laser Therapy. Either way, whether you use the Laser Hair Therapy at home or you go to a studio for your Laser Hair Treatment, it does in fact benefit you.

So the question remains of, “What are the benefits?” There are benefits that lie on both sides; each is a matter of convenience for the client, which is most important.
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