Cute Ladybug Craft Made of Hearts

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    Paper Craft

    • Place a large heart cookie cutter on a sheet of red scrapbook paper and trace around its outline to make a ladybug body. Cut it out and draw a black line down the center to divide it into two wings. Next, trace one medium-size heart and four to 26 small hearts on black paper using a white grease pencil. You can also use a large heart punch to create the small hearts, if you desire. Cut them out, then spread glue across the bottom third of the medium-size heart and glue it to the back of the ladybug's body to create the head. Glue all but two of the small hearts onto the wings as "spots" and let the model dry. Meanwhile, cut out two narrow strips of black paper approximately one-third as long as the ladybug's head. Fold them accordion-style, then glue the remaining black hearts to one end of each strip. Glue these to the ladybug's head to create its antennae.

    Polymer Clay

    • Roll a medium-size chunk of black clay into a ball between your palms, then roll the top of the ball between your forefinger and thumb to elongate it into a pear shape. Roll a small chunk of black clay into a ball to form the head and attach it to the narrow end of the pear with a toothpick. Next, flatten a chunk of red clay into a one-eighth-inch thick circle and cut out a heart with a cookie or clay cutter that is slightly larger than the pear-shaped body. Set it aside while you roll out a chunk of black clay as thinly as possible. Use tiny heart clay cutters to create "spots" for the ladybug and lay them on top of the red heart wings. Lay the wings on top of the ladybug body and set the model aside. Create antennae and legs for your bug by bending wire into squiggle shapes with your round-nose pliers. Create two more black hearts to go on the ends of the antennae, then assemble the ladybug and bake it at the temperature recommended on the clay wrapper.

    Rock Craft

    • Paint a heart with red acrylic paint on a round or oval rock. Let it dry thoroughly, then paint a black head above and around the point of the heart, black hearts on the wings and a black body between the heart's humps. Let it dry completely, then spray it with a high-gloss sealant, if desired. You can also glue a magnet to the back of small rocks and stick them on a refrigerator or magnetic board.

    Felt Placemats

    • Trace a leaf shape large enough to serve as a placemat on a sheet of green felt. Cut it out and set it aside while you cut out two large red felt hearts, two medium-size black felt hearts and four to 48 tiny black felt hearts. Glue the two medium-size black hearts onto the leaf with felt glue, but do not press down, as this will make the glue soak through the felt. Glue the red hearts below and slightly overlapping the ends of the black hearts to make the ladybug wings. Glue two to 24 small black heart "spots" onto the wings and let the place mat dry for three to four hours. Once the glue is dry, cut two pieces of clear shelf liner large enough to completely cover the placemat. Place one sheet on top and the other on the bottom, then cut off the excess.

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