High Blood Pressure Symptoms - Why Aren"t There Any?

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There's a reason why high blood pressure and hypertension have been nicknamed "The Silent Killer".
High blood pressure symptoms are nonexistent until a major event like heart attack or stroke occurs.
HBP works on your blood vessels over a period of years and unless you get regular checkups, you won't know that you have it.
In fact, according to the American Heart Association, fully a third of the 60 million Americans that have the disease don't know it! That's over tenty million ticking time bombs walking around not knowing they have this deadly disease.
How dangerous is that? The only good news about high blood pressure is that it can be controlled and reversed by simple changes in lifestyle.
Yes millions of people are on hypertension medication but most of them could manage the condition naturally without drugs.
Even those in advanced stages of hypertension can benefit from making some changes in the way they live.
Essentially, high blood pressure is the result of conditions that encourage the stiffening of the blood vessels and the development of plaque and blockages along the walls of the vessels.
These conditions are complex but the biggest offender is the free radical that encourages oxidation which creates the plaque and the conditions that allow the plaque to stick to the vessel walls.
Know how to reverse that? Eat a blueberry parfait (with low fat whipped cream).
Berries and other fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants that destroy free radicals.
Diet can be seen as the principal "medicine" in combating blood pressure.
Diet, at least a bad diet, is also one of the leading contributors to high blood pressure.
Replacing bad eating habits with healthy ones goes a long way in controlling the condition.
A heart healthy diet is low in sodium, high in potassium and consists of fresh or fast frozen foods.
Basically, it consists of the food that we are designed to eat; not prepackaged fabricated foods.
Once you've had that healthy meal, it's time to go for a 30 minute aerobic exercise.
This is the absolute fastest way to lower blood pressure.
After that work out, the adrenaline and cortisol that the day's stress put in your body has probably all burned off.
If you still need to relax a bit, try some meditation or breathing exercises.
Controlling stress is key to controlling this disease.
So there are no symptoms of this disease because it creeps up on you over a period of years.
Any changes in how you feel are so gradual that they are not apparent to you.
That's why it is so very important to get your blood pressure checked at least once a year.
If you doctor does discover that your pressure is elevated, be sure to discuss changes in lifestyle before you blindly accept a prescription for medication.
Understand, this disease can be reversed and you can do it without drugs.
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