A New Meaning to ‘Home Turf’

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The idea of artificial turf may conjure up unpleasant memories for football supporters following several clubs including Queens Park Rangers and Luton installing synthetic pitches in the early 1980's, but for gardeners these days, it represents a dream of low maintenance and a lush, green look throughout the year – no matter what the weather.

 Many home owners with children and pets who live in houses with small to medium gardens share the problem of maintaining their lawn to even an acceptable standard.  What should be a well trimmed patch of grass more closely resembles a muddy ploughed field. 

 The natural grass is unable to withstand the rigours of active children and dogs bounding about and digging.  The problem doesn't stop in the garden with the mud then traipsed through the kitchen and throughout the house.

 Until recently the only remedy has been to lay more slabs and concrete or lay loose gravel throughout the garden, but now an alternative solution is available.  It is now possible to keep a green oasis in the garden which is both mud-free and wear resistant.

Many gardeners are turning to artificial lawn as a perfect solution to their problem.  Artificial grass has developed significantly over the recent years from sports Astroturf or ‘green grocers grass' to realistic lawn grasses that from a few paces away are virtually indistinguishable from a well manicured real lawn.  You can even have a stripped lawn just like Wembley or even have the smell of freshly cut grass.

Artificial lawns have been well tested over a number of years.  The grass is porous allowing liquids to pass through and can be easily ‘poop scooped'. Cleaning could not be easier as the artificial lawn can be washed down with a hose and even disinfected. 

The grasses are available to buy for DIY installation and would be delivered on the roll four meters wide by the required length. Alternatively prices can be obtained for a lawn fully installed into your garden.

3 Main Advantages of an Artificial Lawn:

Hard Wearing

Long Lasting

Low Maintenance
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