Abortion Pill Bestows Freedom To Women

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What does abortion mean?
Exclusive survey has been conducted to know why women tend to get inclined towards an abortion pill. Abortion is the process about termination of pregnancy. There are several valid reasons behind arriving at conclusion to abort a fetus. Although it is not an easy decision to take but if circumstances demand then a woman must adhere to the decision. This is a technical as well as emotional process which a woman has to sustain. Thus,

21 percent women feel that they dont have adequate financial resources to nurture a child.
21 percent they are not still mentally prepared to raise a child in sound environment.
16 percent women feel that their life will be changed completely and for which they are not yet prepare.
12 percent women said that probability is higher that a relationship with partner may get disturbed. Remaining
11 percent are too young and not eligible to enjoy motherhood.

There are two methods exist when it comes to abortion. Medical abortion and another is surgical abortion. Surgical abortion gives permanent solution to the problem and although it is painful, it is guaranteed and safe. Whereas medical abortion can be done by popping an abortion pill as the prescribed schedule by the doctor. MTP kit is not an exception to it. It contains two tablets with two ingredients that acts against hormones who are responsible to conception. They are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. This abortion pill kit affects the lining of uterine and separates placenta from endometrium and contracts the size of uterine.

Am I supposed to use MTP Kit?
If you do not want to go for surgical abortion technique to induce abortion then better to consume pills to achieve same result for a time being. This is the safest way to terminate pregnancy at home. It is certainly safe than other anti abortion pill available in the current market. It terminates pregnancy within first trimester of pregnancy. You can rely on this product with due confidence.

Am I supposed to take any precautions?
Always, validate and verify your pregnancy.
Do not hide any serious disease or ailment from doctor.
Read all the instructions carefully.
Do not smoke or consume alcohol during the abortion process.
Keep it away from children and other members in the family.
If you are shifting to MTP kit from other anti-pregnancy kit then kindly maintain a gap of one week.

What are the side effects of MTP kit?
There are some side effects of MTP kit. We will discuss few to make you aware about some serious ill effects. Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and weakness, excessive bleeding are few side effects. This abortion pill is meant for early abortion and not for delayed abortion. If these symptoms persist for longer period then kindly seek medical help.

Who are not eligible to use abortion pill?
Those who are below 18 years old are not supposed to use MTP kit. Women who do not want to terminate pregnancy are not recommended to be given an abortion pill. If a woman has any chronic disease then she is not allowed to go for MTP kit without doctors advice.

Dosage of MTP kit?
It contains 1 tablet of 200mg Mifepristone and 4 tablets of 200mcg Misoprostol. Follow doctors advice for apt result.

I want to know from where to buy MTP kit?
There are several options available but you may choose to buy abortion pill online. It is 100% safe. Once you place an order then this kit will be delivered at given address within designated time period.
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