Free Help With Windows Vista and Email Conflicts

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    Microsoft Support

    • While Microsoft Windows Vista was released as a giant step forward from its predecessor, Windows XP, many users still experience problems with commonly used peripherals like Windows Mail. For this reason, has an elaborate support system available to any Windows user online. You can find steps on how to set up an e-mail account, how to set up newsgroups, how to check for new e-mail, how to block spam and how to troubleshoot Windows Mail when it presents a conflict.

      This service allows the user to solve problems without waiting on hold or talking to several different people, but Microsoft Support does require an Internet connection to access, and the questions answered in the troubleshooting sections are general ones.

      Microsoft does also offer a support line which can help diagnose more specific problems. The number for Microsoft Windows Vista Support as of 2010 is 1-800-936-5700.

    Internet Service Provider

    • The ISP handles the other end of the email service (i.e. your actual address and how your email interacts with your computer. Calling your service provider can be a hassle, but the main benefit is that the ISP deals with connectivity and conflict issues dealing with their specific email client. This means they can avoid generalities which deal with most to all email service providers.

    Support on Large Email Clients

    • If the email you are trying to forward is a large email company like Google, Yahoo or MSN, you may need to verify that you have the type of account which can be POP forwarded for free. Yahoo, for example, charges a fee to users who wish to forward their mail to a Windows Mail mailbox. Google and MSN (or Windows Live Mail) offer email accounts which are free to forward, and each has their own support website which offers a searchable encyclopedia of known issues. While these companies have large amounts of data available, the interface can be confusing, and errors are related to general issues concerning the email service, not its interaction with the operating system.

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