Mankind"s Primary Motivation

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Through the ages, everything mankind has achieved, created or done was for one reason and one reason only: the quest to experience pleasure over pain.
The internal basis for every decision made, from childhood forward, is for this reason.
Most people won't admit this, even to themselves, which is the reason so many cannot relate to...
It is not their fault...
it is what they were taught.
In the attempt to become "civilized", most global societies considered the pursuit of emotional satisfaction as weakness.
That is a direct contradiction to our instinctual nature.
"Emotions" are to be kept under control at all times...
but our "engine" is fueled by the desire to obtain pleasurable feelings and avoid anything that may contradict those feelings.
Everything we do...
from the food we eat, the material items we purchased, the mate we decide upon reinforce that desire.
Our idea of "pleasure" is directly influenced by our "internal self-image".
The constant pressure from peers in a "civilized" society to make decisions void of emotion & instinct retards decisions including our "self image" which should always be a part of the decision making process.
All decisions that don't factor in how it will feel, look, sound or taste to us won't fit into our image and thus will feel unnatural.
We are taught not to trust our "gut feelings" but how many times in your life did your "gut feelings" produce the more positive resolution? Due to "negative nurturing", the results from those "civilized" decisions become situations easily defined as "miserable".
As a result, we encounter more situations in our society that can be defined as "miserable" than we do pleasurable thus humans are prone to define their existence by misery more so than pleasure.
Perfect example...
the evening news.
The leadoff story is always one of suffering or tragedy and if there is time left, a story that will bring a pleasurable feeling.
The only place pain should come before pleasure is the dictionary.
In summary, don't be afraid to accept and admit how a particular result will make you feel & make that result become a reality.
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