Seven Reasons Why Slow and Steady Beats Quick and Painful When It Comes to Weight Loss

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You're in a routine that has taken a long while to establish itself.
Like any change, you will have a tendency to resist it.
You know that you can make sudden and drastic changes in your life from experience, but these are likely short lived because real life usually reasserts itself gradually.
Any sudden changes to your nutrition will initially be met with excitement as you feel you are taking control of your weight, but slowly you will come to miss your old way of eating, back when you didn't have to worry about what you ate.
The time when this is most likely to occur is just as you are starting to show the best results from your new regime.
Think of the old analogy of the supertanker.
It takes a long time to turn it around.
That supertanker is your life.
In order to make lasting changes, the key thing is to make slight but permanent changes, that will gradually change its course.
I knew as soon as I discovered intermittent fasting that this was something I could weave into my life with no disruption.
As a result, I am witnessing a gradual fat loss that I know is sustainable for the long run.
Losing weight when you're over 40 is, some would have you believe, harder, due to your metabolism being "slower".
I'm no doctor, but all the evidence I have read, and seen with my own eyes, points to this not being the case.
It's better to work with your body than against it.
You want to enjoy losing weight without losing sight of everything else in your life.
You know that nothing worthwhile comes quickly or easily.
Losing weight with intermittent fasting is no different.
Except for the easy part.
You will lose weight on autopilot.
Make losing weight easy.
Consider this.
Dave wants to start going to the gym.
But he works twelve hours a day in the office, there's no gym for twenty miles.
But he makes a huge effort to fit it in.
as a result he's now getting his workout but at the cost of disruption to his regular life.
Bill on the other hand, works from home.
He buys a high-end home gym and some CV equipment.
He enlists the assistance of a personal trainer twice a week.
Who do you think is the more likely to succeed in the long run? Bill was able to make the process come to him, rather than having to go out of his way.
By so doing, Bill made it easy for himself to succeed.
That's what I want you to do, and with intermittent fasting you can make weight loss success come to you.
You want the good things in your life to be permanent.
Being slim, having a six pack, dropping a dress size or looking great for the beach are all worthwhile and positive goals and they are things that you can make permanent.
However - traditional means of dieting such as low-fat, low-carb, or using meal replacements are so much harder to make a permanent fixture in your life.
But intermittent fasting can quickly be a part of your life that takes care of itself.
What lasts longer - neglect followed by a quick fix or a quality repair followed by regular maintenance? In this respect your body is just like your car or your house.
Intermittent fasting CAN be a quick fix but it's also easy maintenance.
It's the best of both worlds.
Ask yourself how you want to look in three to six months.
If the answer is "exactly the same", then you know what to do.
Just keep on doing what you're doing right now.
But if you want to transform yourself into the person you know that you're capable of being, commit yourself to making that one small change in your eating habits that could change your life.
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