Cholesterol In The Diet - The Good, The Bad The Deadly

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Let's start with the good.
Oatmeal has made its mark on the American Health world as a leader in "Cholesterol Busting".
The Food and Drug Administration allows ALL manufactures that use oatmeal in there product to state that "Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that includes soluble fiber from oatmeal may reduce the risk of heart disease.
"Oatmeal gets a Gold Star in the battle against cholesterol.
The deadly may not actually be deadly.
There a few points I want to discuss in that statement.
Let's begin with saturated fats.
These fats come from animal source, palm oil.
While unsaturated fats come from plants.
Now the argument begins.
Each has some benefits if they are moderate in consumption.
Example:my father eat butter on crackers and any other thing he can think of and his Cholesterol is better than most 20 years old and he is in his 60's.
How can that be explained?Genetics!Genetics play a significant role in how food is manipulated in the body of course the process is the same but the outcomes can be different.
I have another friend in my father's age group that limits her saturated fats and uses all plant based oils and her cholesterol is out of control.
Again, genetics!When you look at FDA recommendations they are making a general statement for the entire population.
They are not looking at your specific genetics and tell you what you should do.
If you really want to know hire a Nutrition Consultant that has a genetics background.
My decision for my family is to use natural over unnatural products.
No margarines or chemically processed oils.
I used "virgin" oils, first press, cold press or real all natural butter.
The reason for my decision is from my genetic profile.
My family generally lives into there 90's with little or no health issues except high blood pressure.
So I work hard to maintain a health blood pressure with the help of high fiber food.
One last point on cholesterol, yes we want to limit cholesterol intake but remember there is good and bad cholesterol and truth in labeling does not discuss this part.
Cholesterol that comes from peanuts is considered good cholesterol; butter used in moderation can be okay also.
Palm oils have been bashed to point they should not even be used but yet there is one step in the process which I stated early the "virgin, cold press, first press" of this oil actually has health benefits.
You have to be your own health detective.
Do not believe everything you read on labels.
The fronts of packages is what I call pushing the facts.
Turn all packages over and read the label.
Hydrogenated fats are the same as Trans fats.
Not all cholesterol is created equal and products that state insoluble fiber are trying to make there product lower in calories but also you are eating basically no nutrition at all.
Be a savvy consumer.
I feel it is all so confusing and unless you have a PhD in food chemistry you basically do not have a chance to understand.
I have worked in the food industry at different capacities most of my working life and I am still confused.
Best wishes.
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