Wedding Menu - Choosing Your Wedding Dinner Menu

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Guests will marvel at your wedding decorations and admire your wedding dress but most importantly, they will anticipate your wedding menu.
Creating a delicious and well planned wedding menu will make your wedding a more memorable and delicious experience for those that are able to attend.
There are many decisions regarding it that you have to make as you plan your wedding reception.
The first decision that will need to be made about the wedding menu is what type of menu you will be creating.
Will the reception be a dinner reception? Will you be serving a full meal or only appetizers? Would you prefer a sit down meal or a buffet? What type of budget is available for it? These questions and more will help you to know what to discuss as you meet for the first time with your wedding caterer.
At your first meeting with the wedding caterer about the wedding menu have some ideas available.
However, as pricing and feasibility is discussed realize that ideas may need to change in order to accommodate timing and budget.
Explain to the caterer your desires and ask for available options.
Remember appetizers and cocktails are the most cost effective menu.
Buffets will also cost less than a sit down full service meal.
However, if you are planning a buffet additional food will need to be ordered since it is impossible to control portion size.
As you plan your menu there are important factors to consider.
One of these factors is guests with special dietary needs.
You may have vegetarian or vegan guests in attendance.
Will you offer multiple meal choices to accommodate these diners.
Another factor to consider is alcohol.
Alcohol can greatly increase the wedding budget.
Some couples choose to have a dry reception meaning no alcohol will be served or present.
Other couples off a single drink to each guest.
Some couple choose to have a bar that guests must purchase their own drinks from and others have an open bar.
Remember that if cost is a factor and that alcohol can greatly raise your food budget for your wedding menu.
There are many choices for a wedding menu.
As you meet with your caterer and discuss available options you will find that there are many different possibilities for the menu that you serve.
The choices that are made should be influenced by desires, budget and wedding theme.
Carefully consider these factors as you create a delicious and well planned wedding menu for your wedding day.
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