Four Steps to Write a Quality Article in Just TEN Minutes

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The blank page is probably the worst thing that can happen to an article writer: you just stare at the page, waiting for words to come out and nothing is coming out.
Sometimes, even if you feel you can write a million dollar article, you just can not find the way to start an article.
It is an awful feeling that I know very well.
But actually, the problem is extremely simple to solve, once you know how to overcome it.
The following tips will unlock your writing potential and you will be able to put on page an article on the most difficult argument in just ten minutes: 1) Free your mind.
Switch off the phone.
Lock the door.
You want ten minutes all for yourself.
No distractions of any kind, just pure focus on your article.
This is probably the most difficult part, but if you can do it, you will have done the most difficult step.
2) Gather information.
Examine the topic you are going to discuss and ask yourself "What do I want to be the purpose of my article?" And analyze for a few seconds how you are going to talk about it.
Keep in mind your answer for all the time.
Find a title that includes exactly what you are going to talk about.
It is just a reminder, you can always change it later to make it more catchy 3) Start writing.
You will be tempted to find out the best words to start your article, something ground breaking, something that catches the attention.
This way you will never start writing.
Just put your finger on the keyboard and start moving them.
Do not stop until you are done.
Do not take a break.
Do not stop to correct a word.
Just get moving until you are done.
4) Review.
Quickly review the article, finding mistakes and typos.
Correct them quickly and assure yourself that you actually did not go off topic while writing.
If you did everything correctly, you will have a quality article under your hands without even realizing it! Do not worry if it does not happen overnight: practice and you will be off to write a fantastic article in just a few minutes!
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