Fountains and Your Office

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Perhaps the most famous water feature in the world is the Trevi Fountain at Rome in Italy.
But other than this too there are many other well recognized fountains in different parts of the world.
One thing in common to them all is that, they are all outdoor fountains.
However the fact is indoor fountains can be as beautiful in style and design, and as innovative as the outdoor variety.
It is just that not so many people see them, and thus their low visibility.
Indoor fountains are to be found in all kinds of places - at homes, in shopping malls, and at restaurants.
Water Features in offices are also not rare these days.
All of us have gone to many offices, and most people have at least come across one office that had a fountain.
Water Features in offices look lovely because they come in exciting styles and materials such as marble, copper, stainless steel, ceramic, slate and more.
Contemporary in design, they can fit almost any office because they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs.
But fountains in offices or for the home can be broadly divided into the following 3 categories - wall fountains, floor fountains and table top fountains.
As the name suggests, floor fountains are kept on the floor of a room.
They are ideal when you need flexibility and perhaps want to move them from one room to another.
Almost no installation and assembling are needed, making the moving process smooth.
But if you have limited space in the floor, you can perhaps go for wall fountains.
They can cover up the wall and make your office space breathtaking.
Perhaps you want one for the reception or the lobby.
Table top fountains can be kept almost anywhere.
This is the final alternative if you do not have enough space in the room or in the wall, but still want to decorate the room and have a rippling effect.
These fountains in offices look lovely too and are sure to enhance the décor.
And why only the office, you can also carry these table top fountains to your home after the office hours are over.
Enjoy the effect of flowing water wherever you want.
One option is to have your company logo placed on your wall fountain to add a unique touch.
Custom logos allow a company to brand themselves in a unique way.
Most logos are sandblasted onto the surface, others are placed on via a vinyl sticker.
So go ahead and get the fountain you want for your office.
There is sure to be one that will meet your taste, preference and budget.
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