How to Assume the Standing Head to Knee Pose in Bikram Yoga

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    • 1). Start off by standing on the yoga mat with your feet together.

    • 2). Draw your right foot off the mat and grab this foot with both of your hands. Your fingers should be interlaced under the sole of your right foot, specifically the arch. Avoid placing your thumbs on the tops of your feet; instead, rest them on top of your index fingers.

    • 3). Straighten your left leg from your hip down to the mat, but avoid locking the left knee in the process. Though your left foot is entirely on the ground, keep your weight shifted slightly forward, closer to the ball of your foot, not the heel.

    • 4). Extend your right leg out, keeping the extension slow, as you maintain your balance in the pose.

    • 5). Continue extending the right leg out until it is parallel with the floor. The easiest way to accomplish this is, instead of pushing the right foot out, think of pushing it up. As you do this, lengthen your spine from your neck down to your tailbone.

    • 6). Let your shoulders fall to their natural position as you extend your arms, maintaining the grip on your right foot, and straighten your leg, making sure to engage the muscles of your right thigh.

    • 7). Round your spine and drop your elbows as you lower your head to your knee. Avoid dropping your abdominals onto your thigh. Think of pulling your navel up and into your spine as your fold forward. As you drop your head to your knee, tuck your chin into your chest. This will extend the stretch of the spine up through your neck.

    • 8). Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds, breathing evenly and smoothly, before bringing your right foot back to the floor.

    • 9). Repeat Steps 2 through 8 for the other side of your body.

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