How To Choose Right Pipe Bending Machine

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Nowadays some people dont know how to choose right pipe bending machine because when they are buying pipe bending machine, they always dont care about the machines all kinds of technical parameters, what they are only interested is the machine price. Under such condition, the pipe bending machine salesman can not offer the right pipe bending machine because they often dont know what the customers real requirements. By this way, it is easy to result in some unnecessary misunderstand after buying when offer after-sale service.

In the following article, some tips about buying right pipe bending machine are introduced to you, I hope you will some useful knowledge after reading this article.

At first, you should clearly know why you have to own such pipe bending machine, as is known to all, one right pipe bending machine will effectively reduce the workers labor intensity and then improve the production efficiency greatly, therefore before buying pipe bending machine, you should know your actual demand.

Secondly, you have to confirm the pipe diameter limits of the pipe bending, it is necessary to choose right pipe diameter limits, otherwise if it is too large, sometimes it can not be used and the waste would be happened. On the other hands, if the pipe diameter is less than its minimum limits, when operating the machine, workers would feel more afflictive and as a result the production efficiency can not be improved.

Thirdly, you have to consider other common parameters. For example, the pipe fitting materials, including steel tube, stainless steel tube or aluminium tube, the pipe cross section shape, including round, square and triangle shape, the pipe external diameter, thickness of pipe wall, its bending radius, its bending radius and so on. Good pipe bending machine retailer will offer one table for you, on which there are these related technical parameters. When you fill the table according to your actual condition, the salesman will know what the machine type you are need.

Fourthly, you have to confirm which types of pipe bending machine you want to order, whether the ordinary pipe bending machine or top grade digital controlled automatic pipe bending machine. At the same time, you have to ensure the pipe bending way, cold bending way or hot bending way.

In addition to bend pipe, the pipe bending machine can be used to bend joist steel, channel steel, pancake coil, angle iron and so on.
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