Troubleshooting Minor Carpet Cleaning Machine Problems

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Whether you have a Hoover carpet cleaning machine, or one from Bissell, the time may come when you'll be faced with a carpet cleaner that doesn't run, develops a leak, or one of several other issues.
It can certainly be frustrating, but the good news is that these problems can routinely be fixed in quick order.
Here's a look at a few of the most common issues and simple tips to get them repaired.
Carpet Cleaner Won't Run Is the machine plugged? In many cases it is simply a matter of firmly plugging in the cord to the outlet.
Other possible causes/remedies may be a blown fuse in your electrical panel or the outlet is no longer working and you need to plug it into a different outlet.
Carpet Cleaning Solution Won't Come Out One of the more common problems with home carpet cleaning equipment is that suddenly, you may find that when you squeeze the trigger, no solution comes out.
There are a few reasons why this may be happening.
  • Is the solution tank filled? The problem could be as simple as an empty tank
  • Do you have the tank attached in its proper position? It could be that it is loose or not securely attached to the machine.
  • You may also want to check that the tank lid is fastened on correctly and that the line is not plugged with any debris.
Carpet Cleaner Leaks Having a water leak on your machine can be frustrating for sure.
If you find yourself in this position take a look to be sure it isn't due to your water recovery tank being too full and spilling over.
It may also be caused by the tank not being secured to the machine.
Finally, it may be a bad seal, so it would only be a matter of changing it out.
Carpet Cleaning Machine Doesn't Have Enough Suction If you notice that your carpet cleaner or carpet extractor does not have the suction power it should, it could be caused by a few different factors.
First, is the cleaning tool or attachment clogged? If debris gets stuck inside the tool it can quickly cause low suction.
Next, check to see if it might be due to the recovery tank being full.
On some models of Hoover, Bissell or others, they have an automatic shut-off that could cause the issue.
You'd only need to empty the tank and then start cleaning again.
Carpet Cleaner Brush Indicator Dial Doesn't Spin If you have a machine such as a Bissell 9200 or 9400, or one of countless other models, you may find that time to time the brush indicator dial will stop spinning.
This can be the result of a clogged screen.
You'd just need to remove the cover and clean it out of any debris.
These are the most common issues that you may come across while using home carpet cleaning machines.
As you can see, in most cases it is simply due to a minor problem or something that just needs cleaned.
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