Get in Shape with a Slow Cooker

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Then one day things began to change.  The day of change was the day I was given a slow cooker. It wasn't an overnight changed but that day, the seeds were sown and I was soon mixing and blending in the kitchen like never before.

A slow cooker might not sound all that exciting. Who would buy a slow motorbike? Or a slow TV?  A product with slow in the title doesn't do it much good when it comes to promotion. Sometimes slow cooker are known as Crockpots but generally they are known as the cookers that are slow.  In this age of instant gratification you could be forgiven for thinking they are a relic from the past that has little relevance in these face paced times.

slow cooker

Yes, slow cookers are slow but the amount of time you need Lets face it, slow cookers are slow but the amount of face time they require to do what they do is very small.
Depending on your tastes you can get away with doing very little chopping and cutting and just let your new kitchen appliance work its magic. Once you have put the food into the slow cooker simply turn it on and let it work its magic.  You don't even have to be around when the slow cooker finishes its job as some of them have a keep warm option that will keep the food just right for when you are ready to eat.

So what changed me from king of takeaways to home cooker? It was all thanks to my slow cooker. Only having to chuck some bits in a pot and leave it unattended then return some hours later to a great tasting dish really got me thinking about how to cook. I'm no Delia Smith I must acknowledge but I am able to follow a recipe and even know some by heart.  I've not only saved money and got in better shape I am also able to make dinner for friends and family with something I have made myself.

So if you've had enough to fast food not knowing your mincer from your masher or just want to try something different in the kitchen you could do a lot worse than deciding onup a slow cooker today.  The best slow cooker in the marketplac eat the moment is the Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef and is well worth checking out.
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